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Like many youngsters, I started tagging along behind my Dad, learning to hunt and fish, when I was just five years old. Since then I've been hooked on the outdoors. If you are like me, hunting and fishing isn't just a hobby, it's a passion.

I got my start in taxidermy nearly forty years ago. As a kid, I dabbled with mounting and painting fish, squirrels and eventually deer. I loved the science and the art of it all. From early on I started learning all I could from the men I hung around with.  

Fast forward past thousands of happy clients to 2012.  My wife Melanie and I expanded our business to include EBB Farms.  As hunters we Expect Big Bucks, and we now grow and sell the trees wildlife love.  Check out for details!  You will find EBB Farms on Facebook instagram and YouTube.  

Happy to help with ideas to manage your land, create fantastic food plots and then take care of your prize through our taxidermy services!

We would like to share our love of hunting, fishing and the outdoors with you, and help preserve your trophy as your taxidermist.